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Phage and phage therapy research groups
➡ Steven Abedon's lab at Ohio State ➡ Sankar Adhya's lab at NIH ➡ Udo Bläsis' lab at the Max. F. Perutz Labs ➡ Karin Carlson's lab at Uppsala University ➡ Michael DuBow's group at University of Paris Sud ➡ Donna Duckworth's lab at University of Florida ➡ Eliava Institute ➡ Shah Faruque's lab at ICDDR,B ➡ Vincent Fischetti's lab at Rockefeller ➡ Andrzej Gorski's and Beata Weber-Dabrowska's lab at ITTD ➡ William Huff's lab at ARS, USDA ➡ Elizabeth Kutter's lab at Evergreen ➡ Hansjörg Lehnherr's lab at Greifswald University ➡ Bruce Levin's lab at Emory ➡ Martin Loessner's lab at ETH Zurich ➡ Nicholas Mann's lab at Warwick University ➡ John Mekalanos' lab at Harvard ➡ James Norris' lab at Medical University of South Carolina ➡ Se Chang Park's lab at Seoul National University ➡ Reference Center for bacterial viruses at Laval University ➡ Parviz Sabour's lab at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada ➡ Ryland Young's lab at Texas A&M
Phage therapy companies
➡ Biochimpharm ➡ Biophage ➡ Gangagen ➡ Hexal Gentech ➡ Intralytix ➡ Novolytics ➡ Omnilytics ➡ Phage-Biotech ➡ Phage International ➡ Targanta ➡ Elizabeth Kutter's information about phage
➡ The bacteriophage ecology group
Phage therapy providers
➡ Please refer to page 'Can I get phage therapy?' ➡ Viridax ➡ Innophage ➡ Biocontrol